A Day Dreamer's Birthstone

A Day Dreamer's Birthstone

When I wear my birthstone necklace during the day, I often hold on to the birthstone with my fingers while my mind wanders, it helps me focus. Better yet, if I need a new visual perspective, I close one eye and look through the stone. And while the stone itself is small, it does give a fun kaleidoscopic look of my immediate surroundings. See the image below. 

As you may know, birthstones are gemstones that correspond to specific months, each holds a unique significance and symbolism. These captivating gems are a reflection of the beauty that lies within each of us Day Dreamers.

Day dreamers are known for their unique perspectives and vivid imaginations. Birthstones embrace this individuality by offering a wide array of gemstones, allowing wearers to find the one that resonates most with their essence. Whether you are a dreamy Pisces seeking the calming aquamarine or a fiery Cancer drawn to the energetic ruby, birthstones become symbols of self-discovery and acceptance. Here is a list of the stones by month:

  1. January - Garnet
  2. February - Amethyst
  3. March - Aquamarine 
  4. April - Diamond
  5. May - Emerald
  6. June - Pearl or Moonstone
  7. July - Ruby
  8. August - Peridot or Spinel
  9. September - Sapphire
  10. October - Opal or Tourmaline
  11. November - Topaz or Citrine
  12. December - Turquoise or Zircon

It is good to point out that some months have multiple birthstones associated with them, providing individuals with a variety of choices based on personal preference and symbolism. Whichever stone you choose, may it guide you and help you smile wherever you go. Happy day dreaming. Explore them in our shop under jewelry. 

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