A History Of Tote Bags As It Relates To Day Dreamers

A History Of Tote Bags As It Relates To Day Dreamers

The tote bag, once a simple carrier for items, now holds the power to announce to the world who we are.  In this historical timeline, we look at how it all may have started.
  1. The concept of the tote bag can be traced back to the 17th century when people began using large, simple, and durable bags to carry various items, including groceries, tools, and provisions. The early totes were practical and functional but they lacked an imaginative flair. 
  2. With the Industrial Revolution, manufacturing processes for fabrics and availability of sturdy canvas material increased. This led to the widespread production of canvas tote bags, which were durable, versatile, and affordable. The simplicity of these bags allowed individuals to personalize them with hand-painted designs and embroidery which opened more creative possibilities.

  3. Tote bags entered mainstream culture in the mid-20th century, popularized as reusable shopping bags. As people began to express themselves through art and slogans on their tote bags, a bridge between practicality and creativity emerged.

  4. In the late 20th and early 21st Century, designers recognized the potential of tote bags as a fashion statement. Luxury brands began incorporating high-quality materials and intricate designs, transforming the humble tote into an accessory. Artistic day dreamers, poets, and visionaries started creating their own tote bag designs with custom art, and slogans, inspiring us to explore and imagine grand adventures, and escape everyday life.

  5. Today at United Day Dreamers, each tote bag expands on our imagination, inviting its owner to embark on Day Dreaming journeys. By the Seaside, At the Beach (La Playa) or simply by stating who we are; Day Dreamers Rule The World!

    Hope you enjoyed this quick read. Cheers, P

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