By The Seaside

By The Seaside

Day dreamers tend to live near water, be it an ocean, lake or a river. The effects of water can have profound psychological benefits on one's well-being. Scientific research has shown that proximity to water promotes a sense of calm and relaxation. The rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the shore or the gentle lapping of lake waters creates a meditative environment that reduces stress and anxiety.

For me, the sight of expansive water views has a positive impact on my mental health. Im always in awe and wonder near the ocean or a lake, for that matter, even a stream makes me wonder where the water will end up, which ocean or which lake. As for their colors, blue and green hues associated with water have been linked to increased creativity and mental clarity.

If a water view is not an immediate option, art can help. An image of water or a seascape, abstract or traditional is known to have a soothing effect. I'll Remember The Seaside by Paul Antonio Szabo (me) is a floral, abstract representation of life by the sea, can you see the pebble path?

The printed poster is 18 x 24 and it is available in our store. 

Until then, P
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