September, October, November and December's Birthstone

September, October, November and December's Birthstone

Embrace the journey of a dreamer, guided by the magic of birthstones. At United Day Dreamers, we celebrate these treasures that mirror the very spirit of our community. Join us on a sparkling odyssey through the birthstones that weave dreams into reality for the Fall/Winter months. And while some months have more that one stone, we'll only cover the one that is more in tune with Day Dreamers. 

September (Sapphire): Sapphire is the birthstone for September. With its deep blue color, it symbolizes wisdom and nobility. Sapphires often evoke feelings of tranquility and protection. These gems are found in various places including Sri Lanka, Myanmar, and Madagascar.

October (Opal): October is opal. Opal's captivating play of colors embodies creativity and inspiration and are often sourced from Australia.

November (Topaz): Novembers birthstone is topaz. Topaz, with warm tones ranging from amber to orange, symbolizes strength and friendship. Topaz can be found in Brazil.

December (Turquoise): December is turquoise. Turquoise's serene blue-green hues bring protection and tranquility. Turquoise is found in regions like the United States and Iran. 

Happy Day Dreams, P

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